Scrubs is 20 years old: This is what the cast looks like today!
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In 2001, the first episode of Scrubs was released! That's a whole 20 years ago now. Have you ever wondered what the actors are doing today and what they look like? With some of them you will be extremely surprised. Dr. Cox is almost unrecognizable by now!

JD as the main character used to look like this

He's much older now of course.

Let's continue with his brother

That's him nowadays.

This is what Turk looked like back then

Would you still have recognized Turkelton?

Elliot was the main female cast. You know her like this

This is how she looks in these days

Dr. Kim looked like this at the time

That's her today

Dr. Maddox as you all know her

Would you still recognize her today?

Molly always looked very young

This is her in 2021

Todd will surely be remembered by you

Here you see Todd today

Gooch came a little later, so you know her

That's Gooch now

Dr. Cox's wife - Jordan then

This is how Jordan looks by now

Julianna then

That's her now

Kerry also came later, so you are used to her

Would you still recognize her?

Dr. Kevin Casey I'm sure you all still know this way

Unfortunately, he has some health problems

Murrey as you know him

Murrey today

Carla as Turk's wife you still know like this

Carla 2021

Laverne was the nice nurse

This is how she looks in 2020

The Janitor. One of my personal favorites back then

He has aged gracefully!

Ted you know just like that

... and that is how we should remember him. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us.

Keith also came later: you still know him like this

This is him today

Danni back in the days

Danni today

Bob Kelso. How could you forget him

Would you still recognize him today?

Dr. Cox as you know and love him

Even if you see him you will feel old!