This is what the A-Team actors look like in 2021
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In 1983 came the first episode on TV

The A-Team was probably a part of your youth or at least you know the actors and actresses. But some of them you probably wouldn't recognize today. Sure - the series is already a few decades old.

Rank 10: Hannibal

The head of the group was already 55 years old when this photo was taken. But that was (even if it doesn't necessarily feel like it) a lifetime ago.

Unfortunately Hannibal passed away already in 1994. This is his last picture. Rest in peace George Peppard.

Rank 9: Templeton

Templeton aka Faceman only looked like this in the pilot series. Later he was replaced. If you still know the series, then you know that for sure.

This is the first "Face" today

Rank 8: Captain Crane

Here you see Captain Crane at the age of 34. That was 36 years ago! That's longer than you might think.

Captain Crane is already 70 years old today. Still awesome!

Rank 7: Face

This is The Face, who you know from all the other episodes besides the pilot series. He had so much charme in the series. Impossible to forget.

This is what Face looks like today. He is also already over 70 years old! He is so easy to recognize. He looks the same - simply older.

Rank 6: Col. Decker

He was always on the hunt for the A-Team, but he never really seemed to succeed. This is what he looked like back then

2012 Is Decker passed away at the age of 77. This is his last picture. Rest In Peace Decker. He was a great actor.

Rank 5: Amy Amanda Allen

The woman, who often needed the team's help, was only 28 years old at the time.

This is Amy today, you can't tell she's 64 years old!

Rank 4: Murdock

The "crazy" guy of the group as you remember him

Would you recognize Murdock today?

Rank 3: Tawnia Baker

She was still quite young at that time with her 24 years. This is how you remember her

Tawnia has held up pretty well!

Rank 2: General Bull

At that time, General Bull was already 52 years old.

That's him today at 87. Wow, that's pretty old.

Rank 1: Mr. T

He is hard to forget. His chains, his hairstyle. Everybody knows this big guy.

That's what he is today. Does he not age?

Your zodiac sign reveals it: This is your secret superpower!
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Your zodiac sign helps us to find out which superpower is in you! Of course, these superpowers are only symbolic indications of what talent is in your zodiac sign. Which one is yours?

Aries - Unlimited Energy

You're a hothead, with flames literally shooting out of your head - it's perfect. This could end in disaster, because controlling your fiery personality is not one of your strong points. When people tease you, everything goes up in flames.

Sagittarius - The Truth Leech

Your superpower is your openness. This is the reason why you feel at home everywhere in the world. You are always looking for new experiences and always curious. You may not be a sociologist, but your mission in life is to always learn more about people and their environments.

Virgo - The Human Tornado

Your speed and intensity turn you into a human tornado. You move from place to place and get everything done at incredible speed.

Aquarius - Flying

Aquarians have the ability to fly. Independent and honest, they fly around the world to learn about new cultures. Each sign of the zodiac has certain emotions, strengths and weaknesses. These are unique, due to which the superpowers arise.

Gemini - Shapeshifting

You are never just one. Transformation suits you. So who are you transforming into?

Libra - The Revealer

Expressing or revealing things is your superpower. You can make things happen. The power of positivity. Keep doing what you are doing. It works!

Scorpio - Mind Control

You are manipulative by nature and control is your goal. You are devoted to your lovers but hate that you can't decide for them. The world would be a better place if you could...

Capricorn - Invisibility

Most of the time, you wish everyone would leave you alone and let you get everything done in peace. You have the power to go completely unnoticed. Who needs other people?

Taurus - Super Strong!

Your superpower is concentration. When you focus on something, you can achieve it. If you could sell your focus, it would always be sold out. No one should stand in your way, because you will run them over.

Cancer - The Superhuman Empathy

You have the power of insight. You can read between the lines and understand what people are saying. What they really say. You can read hearts and understand why someone can't be honest with themselves.

Leo - Superhumanly Strong

Wouldn't that be right up your alley? Lifting heavy things with one finger. This would be the perfect party trick to get the attention you need.

Pisces - create dream worlds

Pisces can create illusions and manipulate others. Any fantasy can become reality. Whether it's a beach, or an alternate universe.... your imagination will take you anywhere.

Functions of everyday objects you didn't know yet!
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Lifehacks that will make your life easier

Some are pretty obvious, but others you may never have heard of. The functions of some everyday objects is fascinating.

The bottom of wine bottles

This bulge at the bottom of wine bottles is used to equalize pressure when the cork goes into the bottle. Champagne bottles have a larger indentation.

The small iPhone hole

On the back of the iPhones are small holes - these are the microphones

Charging cable hooks

These little hooks on charging cables are to help you pack up the cable easier.

Bobby Pins

Many women use these things wrong - the flat side has to go up.

Holes in pots and pans

These little holes are there for a reason. You use them to hang the pot or stick the spoon in.

The fuel gauge

A nice little feature is the arrow on the fuel gauge. In case you ever forget which side the gas cap is on.


These rivets were invented a long time ago by the first jeans manufacturers. They should make the jeans more robust because there is often heavy wear at these places.

That's what men think when they put their hand on a woman's knee.
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Body language says much more than what you say.

Communication is not always about what you say. What you don't say is much more interesting, because it is often expressed through body language.

Body language can tell you what kind of person you are. Therefore, you should see and understand the most important things:

1. when he licks his lips

If a guy licks his lips a few times while you're chilling together, it could mean he's into you. That's because your mouth naturally produces more saliva when you're attracted to someone (again, a biological response). So if he licks his lips a few times during your conversation, he's flirting with you on a subconscious level.

2. his posture is relaxed

One of the first signs of male body language that suggests he is flirting with you is his posture. If his posture is relaxed, such as standing or sitting with his feet apart, it indicates that he is trying to adopt a macho posture to try to impress you - it's a biological thing.

3. his pupils are dilated.

Have you ever heard of bedroom eyes? They have to do with dilated pupils.

Dilated pupils are an unconscious sign of physical and psychological attraction and pleasure. To find out if he's flirting with you, casually look into his eyes and notice the size of his pupils.

4. he keeps eye contact

When a guy flirts with you, he will almost always give you constant eye contact. (Plus, it's the perfect opportunity for you to test the size of his gorgeous, dilated pupils.) Now, this doesn't mean that he stares at you a few times here and there, but that he looks you in the eye for at least 3-5 seconds during a conversation. Maintaining eye contact is a sign that he feels connected to you and finds you interesting.

5. he stands close to you

When a guy is flirting with you, he will stand closer to you so that you feel like he is in your personal space. So if you're standing in line together at Starbucks, look at the distance he leaves between the two of you to figure out if he's flirting with you. The less distance he leaves, the more he's into you.

6. he runs his hand through his hair

When a man repeatedly runs his hands through his hair, it can mean one of two things: He's flirting with you, he's nervous, or both. And if he feels nervous around you, it probably still means he's into you. But from a flirty perspective, running his fingers through his hair is his way of trying to look good for you.

7. he leans in your direction

The next time you're out to dinner or coffee with a guy and you want to know if he's flirting with you, look at his posture from across the table. In a noisy environment, he may automatically lean in closer to hear what you're saying, but if it's quiet enough for him to hear you and he's still leaning in, it's a sure sign that he's flirting with you and that he's paying attention to what you're saying. If he leans in towards you, that also indicates that he wants to be closer to you as well.

8. he plays with your hair

Another sure sign that he's flirting with you is when he runs his fingers through your hair. If you have a strand of hair in your face and he takes the initiative to move it out of the way, it could mean that he doesn't want there to be any barriers between the two of you. Running his hands through your hair is also a sign that he cares about you and wants you to feel nurtured by him. Awww......

9. he uses his hands when talking

Sure, many people use hand gestures to get their point or enthusiasm across in a conversation, but frequent hand gestures are also a sign of flirting. When a guy is into a girl, he often uses hand gestures to try to get her attention while he talks. But don't worry if he doesn't use hand gestures. If he has a shy and more relaxed personality, he may not use his hands as often to communicate. Instead, look for his other body language signs like dilated pupils and eye contact.

10. he is a gentleman

In a time when virtue is considered dead, gestures like opening the car door for you earn him extra bonus points. And in most cases, he's flirting with you, too. Whether he's offering his jacket, pulling out his chair for you, or walking in front of you to open the door, he's flirting with you and wants you to know it. Since these gestures are all considered flirting, it's also very important to make sure you let him make these gestures.

11. he sits close to you

If he wants to sit on the same side, let him - it means he's flirting with you!

If a guy sits next to you and not across from you in a restaurant or café, it means he's into you. It's his way of showing that he doesn't want distance and enjoys being around you. A rule of thumb of flirting: the less distance he leaves between you, the more he flirts with you.

12. he stands up especially straight

If a guy is flabby when you're together, it could just mean that he has a bad attitude, but it could also mean that he's not completely sold on you. On the other hand, if he's trying to impress you, he'll usually have a great posture to try to look bigger, stronger, and generally more macho. When he stands tall, he also offers a sense of protection from you. If he wants to protect you, that usually means he also wants to protect other people from coming into contact with you. And what better way to know he's into you than if he doesn't want anyone else to get their hands on you?

13. his feet and hands are turned in your direction

If he is flirting with you, he will point his hands, feet or legs in your direction. If he is facing you, it indicates that he is focusing on you and trying to be closer to you. It is said that people tend to point their feet and legs in the direction they want to go. So it only makes sense that if he's into you, he'll be looking in your direction most of the time. He can do this by tilting his chair closer to your direction, or even stretching his legs out under the table, closer to you without you even noticing.

14. he shows his teeth when he smiles at you

"Guys stop smiling like that at age 5 - unless they're really happy," Wood says. He may not flash a toothy grin during casual flirting, but on a really great date when he's having lots of fun? Watch the teeth: "If he's feeling really happy, he's not hiding it."

15. his eyebrows are raised when he sees you.

If he likes you and likes what he sees, then he wants to see more of it and automatically opens his eyes a little more. This raises the eyebrows.

16. when he puts his hand on your knee.

Someone on a forum asked the question, "What does it mean when a man puts his hand on a woman's knee?" She thought he just wants to make some physical connection with the woman he likes. While some also thought he just wanted to move on others thought that was the way to keep the woman waiting. But no one was 100% right

17. he speaks to you without looking at you

While this could be a sign that he is keeping his options open, don't be too quick to judge. Anything can still develop from this.

18. He is touching his throat.

He touches his throat. The throat represents communication and vulnerability, Wood says. If he touches it during your interaction, he's interested in you and afraid to come across well. But context can play a key role here, too: If you're talking to a player, a throat touch could signal dishonesty.That's what men think when they put their hand on a woman's knee.

Young mother is addicted to the solarium
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A young mother shocks her friends over and over again.

The 22-year-old mother shocks her entire environment again and again with her appearance. As a schoolgirl, she started going to the tanning salon regularly. As a result, she has already attracted the negative attention of many during her school years.

Even as a child, she watched her mother tan and, by her own statement, was just waiting to be allowed to do it herself.

Lauren's typical look

The addiction began

At some point, she started going to the tanning bed every day. She went to school tanned and her classmates complimented her.

So over time, a typical addictive behavior developed. Whenever she was feeling bad, she thought to herself "I need 10 minutes on the tanning bed".

Besides the solarium, she also uses large amounts of tanning spray and she has even had a kidney infection, because of a tanning injection.

Given the fact that she has a child, she should really think about it, say opposing voices.

What is your opinion about excessive solarium use?

How to find out if your partner is a Liar - according to private detectives
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How do you know if your partner is lying? When they ask themselves this question, they usually already have a strong suspicion. But there are signs that are hard to ignore!

1. he improves his appearance

Your partner suddenly starts to take care of himself more, to eat better or to do sports. If Mr-Sweatpants suddenly starts looking extra pretty, you should take notice.

Source: Pixabay

2. he secretly uses his cell phone / computer

Liars often tend to use their cell phones much more frequently than you are used to. If you suddenly notice a password on his laptop, everything should be clear to you. You should also be aware if he takes his cell phone into the bathroom.

Source: Pixabay

3. your partner is not available

If your partner is lying on you, he will not respond to your calls or messages during certain periods of time. He will say that he had no reception or that his battery was dead. Do not believe a word he says.

Source: Pixabay

4. your sleep behaviour is different

You dont go to bed together anymore? Maybe one of you two is sleeping on the couch. You should really watch that behavious.

Source: Pixabay

5. your partner has something against you / the relationship

Liars always try to justify their behavior. Therefore, they try to see you somehow differently than you are used to. They try to find a logical reason for their behavior, even if there is none.

Source: Pixabay

6. A different daily routine

If your partner suddenly has a different daily routine, you should observe it carefully. Usually the best friends know more, so just ask them if they know anything. Even if the question is unpleasant, you should try it.

Source: Pixabay

7. his friends feel uncomfortable around you!

As is often the case, you are the last to know the truth. Also, if your partner lies on you, many others usually know beforehand and of course they don't feel so comfortable around you anymore.

Source: Pixabay

8. unexplained expenses

If your partner tries to hide his expenses from you, you have to watch out. Also, if strange amounts are coming out of your account, your alarm bells should go off! Of course it costs money and time to spend time with a person. He needs to refuel, eat and so on.

Source: Pixabay

9. emotionally you are no longer on the same frequency

You know the feeling when you are emotionally on the same frequency with someone. When you no longer feel emotionally secure with your partner, it's a good indication that something is very wrong.

Source: Pixabay

10. when you call him on it, he denies it or deflects from the topic.

The last thing the person who is lying on you wants to do is talk about it. So just talk to him about it and wait for his reaction. He will want to distract from the topic if he is lying to you.

Source: Pixabay