This is what the A-Team actors look like in 2021
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donscap 10m

In 1983 came the first episode on TV

The A-Team was probably a part of your youth or at least you know the actors and actresses. But some of them you probably wouldn't recognize today. Sure - the series is already a few decades old.

Rank 10: Hannibal

The head of the group was already 55 years old when this photo was taken. But that was (even if it doesn't necessarily feel like it) a lifetime ago.

Unfortunately Hannibal passed away already in 1994. This is his last picture. Rest in peace George Peppard.

Rank 9: Templeton

Templeton aka Faceman only looked like this in the pilot series. Later he was replaced. If you still know the series, then you know that for sure.

This is the first "Face" today

Rank 8: Captain Crane

Here you see Captain Crane at the age of 34. That was 36 years ago! That's longer than you might think.

Captain Crane is already 70 years old today. Still awesome!

Rank 7: Face

This is The Face, who you know from all the other episodes besides the pilot series. He had so much charme in the series. Impossible to forget.

This is what Face looks like today. He is also already over 70 years old! He is so easy to recognize. He looks the same - simply older.

Rank 6: Col. Decker

He was always on the hunt for the A-Team, but he never really seemed to succeed. This is what he looked like back then

2012 Is Decker passed away at the age of 77. This is his last picture. Rest In Peace Decker. He was a great actor.

Rank 5: Amy Amanda Allen

The woman, who often needed the team's help, was only 28 years old at the time.

This is Amy today, you can't tell she's 64 years old!

Rank 4: Murdock

The "crazy" guy of the group as you remember him

Would you recognize Murdock today?

Rank 3: Tawnia Baker

She was still quite young at that time with her 24 years. This is how you remember her

Tawnia has held up pretty well!

Rank 2: General Bull

At that time, General Bull was already 52 years old.

That's him today at 87. Wow, that's pretty old.

Rank 1: Mr. T

He is hard to forget. His chains, his hairstyle. Everybody knows this big guy.

That's what he is today. Does he not age?