Rare photos that show you the unknown truth
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The truth behind the pictures

You may have already seen these photos from a different perspective. But as you're about to see them, they leave you speechless. Not everything is as it seems when you see pictures on social media.

1. The heads on Easter Island.

Yes, those aren't just heads. In fact, they have bodies too! 150 These bodies are buried up to the shoulders, so everyone thinks they are just heads.

2. Downpatrick Head

50 meters from the coast, people once lived on this area. Houses and livestock, but now 50 meters separate this area from the mainland.

3. How a reporter looks from behind

Of course you can only see the front, but if you see how the lady looks from the back, it doesn't look so comfortable anymore.

4. Square Starfish

A starfish must always look like a star, right? Well, you're wrong. It looks like a small cookie, but it is a starfish even in this shape.

5. A globe for blind people

How do blind people actually look at a globe? Obviously with their hands. Because just because you're blind doesn't mean you can't travel the world.

6. The transparent frog

You can see every single organ on this frog. It is completely transparent. I wouldn't know how to hold him!