Fascinating things your body does without you realizing it
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The body is a marvel

In terms of so many aspects, the human body is simply amazing. Some of it could be right out of a superhero movie. All these things your body can do without you having a clue.

1. the fastest muscles are in the eyes

There are only 2 of these muscles in the eyes, which are responsible for how fast you can open or close your eye. If a foreign object comes near, your eye can close in less than 100 milliseconds.

2. hair reveal if you sleep well

That sounds absolutely strange at first. But you can evaluate and improve your sleep behavior with your hair. Hair follicle cells are used to treat sleep disorders.

3. taste with the nose

Do you believe me when I tell you that your nose is responsible for 80% of your sense of taste? You can only taste salty, sweet, bitter and sour without your nose. The rest comes from smell.

4. you blink all the time

It is an automated process. About 44 minutes a day (while you are awake) you have your eyes closed. The eye must always be well hydrated, but would you expect it to be 44 minutes?

5. earwax

Your earwax makes your ear canal less inflamed. So don't remove your earwax every day, you're not doing yourself any good.

6. your body absorbs "shocks"

The body is able to withstand strong impacts without the tissue being destroyed. Many moving parts of the body interact here to minimize damage.

7. The Pinocchio effect

Where the name comes from, you can guess. But this effect is actually (almost) true. The nose doesn't grow directly, but the area around the nose gets significantly warmer when you tell a lie.