Dogs grow up so fast
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Dogs grow up so fast

Do you also have a dog? If you still know your little Wuffer as a puppy, then you also know how quickly they grow up. But in our hearts they will always remain a little puppy.

He was such a sweet little boy

And no matter how old he is, he is still that sweet little one and always will be.

Sometimes you can hardly imagine it

... how this little ball of fur can become such a beautiful dog.

He has always been a bundle of joy

Even as a puppy he was already huge and today you can hardly lift him

The love for his pet

It is a very special bond that people without dogs can hardly understand

He is so fluffy

And no matter how old or big he is, he will always remain so fluffy

They grow up so fast

From the pillow you can see how much he has grown

Some things never change

You can hardly see any difference. What a pretty dog he has become (he always was)


Childhood photos are just something wonderful. Do you also have pictures of your dogs?