Study reveals: Husbands stress women more than their kids
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Study reveals: Husbands stress women more than their children

It's hard to believe: Married women tend to be more stressed than single women, a recent study has brought to light.

This has health consequences

Married women are more likely to have headaches, sleep problems and constant fatigue, according to a study.

Men are children.

Until a man is 43 years old, he acts like a child. Now think about what could be more exhausting than a real child: a grown man acting like a child. So for married women, their husbands usually represent just another child.

A survey

Among all the other stresses a wife faces in her daily life, husbands are the biggest stressor. 56% of all women surveyed said that their husband causes more stress than their child.

Dogs grow up so fast
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Dogs grow up so fast

Do you also have a dog? If you still know your little Wuffer as a puppy, then you also know how quickly they grow up. But in our hearts they will always remain a little puppy.

He was such a sweet little boy

And no matter how old he is, he is still that sweet little one and always will be.

Sometimes you can hardly imagine it

... how this little ball of fur can become such a beautiful dog.

He has always been a bundle of joy

Even as a puppy he was already huge and today you can hardly lift him

The love for his pet

It is a very special bond that people without dogs can hardly understand

He is so fluffy

And no matter how old or big he is, he will always remain so fluffy

They grow up so fast

From the pillow you can see how much he has grown

Some things never change

You can hardly see any difference. What a pretty dog he has become (he always was)


Childhood photos are just something wonderful. Do you also have pictures of your dogs?

Fascinating things your body does without you realizing it
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The body is a marvel

In terms of so many aspects, the human body is simply amazing. Some of it could be right out of a superhero movie. All these things your body can do without you having a clue.

1. the fastest muscles are in the eyes

There are only 2 of these muscles in the eyes, which are responsible for how fast you can open or close your eye. If a foreign object comes near, your eye can close in less than 100 milliseconds.

2. hair reveal if you sleep well

That sounds absolutely strange at first. But you can evaluate and improve your sleep behavior with your hair. Hair follicle cells are used to treat sleep disorders.

3. taste with the nose

Do you believe me when I tell you that your nose is responsible for 80% of your sense of taste? You can only taste salty, sweet, bitter and sour without your nose. The rest comes from smell.

4. you blink all the time

It is an automated process. About 44 minutes a day (while you are awake) you have your eyes closed. The eye must always be well hydrated, but would you expect it to be 44 minutes?

5. earwax

Your earwax makes your ear canal less inflamed. So don't remove your earwax every day, you're not doing yourself any good.

6. your body absorbs "shocks"

The body is able to withstand strong impacts without the tissue being destroyed. Many moving parts of the body interact here to minimize damage.

7. The Pinocchio effect

Where the name comes from, you can guess. But this effect is actually (almost) true. The nose doesn't grow directly, but the area around the nose gets significantly warmer when you tell a lie.

Rare photos that show you the unknown truth
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The truth behind the pictures

You may have already seen these photos from a different perspective. But as you're about to see them, they leave you speechless. Not everything is as it seems when you see pictures on social media.

1. The heads on Easter Island.

Yes, those aren't just heads. In fact, they have bodies too! 150 These bodies are buried up to the shoulders, so everyone thinks they are just heads.

2. Downpatrick Head

50 meters from the coast, people once lived on this area. Houses and livestock, but now 50 meters separate this area from the mainland.

3. How a reporter looks from behind

Of course you can only see the front, but if you see how the lady looks from the back, it doesn't look so comfortable anymore.

4. Square Starfish

A starfish must always look like a star, right? Well, you're wrong. It looks like a small cookie, but it is a starfish even in this shape.

5. A globe for blind people

How do blind people actually look at a globe? Obviously with their hands. Because just because you're blind doesn't mean you can't travel the world.

6. The transparent frog

You can see every single organ on this frog. It is completely transparent. I wouldn't know how to hold him!

This is what the Malcolm Mittendrin stars look like in 2021!
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This is what the Malcolm Mittendrin stars look like in 2021!

Believe it or not, Malcolm In The Middle was shot in the period 2000-2006. Do you feel old now? Certainly not as old as some of the actors. Because with many of them, it's hard to recognize them!

1. Bryan Cranston played Hal Wilkerson, the sympathetic but completely indecisive father and husband, in "Malcolm in the Middle."

I'm sure you know some of the other terrific roles he's played. Especially in Breaking Bad, he was absolutely terrific as a leading man. He also starred in movies like Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, Rock of Ages, Argo, Kung Fu Panda 3, Why Him?, Isle of Dogs and several others.

2. Craig Lamar Traylor played Stevie

It's not that Malcolm was necessarily a career killer for most involved, it's just that Bryan Cranston was so awesome that there was no success left for anyone else. Malcolm's asthmatic friend Stevie has only acted four times since 2006, and he completely changed. He became a tattoo-artist and life his life to the fullest.

3. kenneth mars played Otto

Kenneth Mars was a legend long before he appeared as Francis' boss on the ranch in Malcolm Amidst the Original 1967 version of The Producers, Young Frankenstein, and even as the voice of Triton in Disney's The Little Mermaid. Mars' last role was Grandfather Longneck in The Land Before Time, when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that forced him to retire from acting. Mars passed away in 2011, so he's not doing too much these days. Rest in Peace. He played a legendary character in this series.

4. Piama – Emy Coligado

Emy was one kind of a woman. So special how she handled her family. But when Emy Coligado's Piama Tananahaakna was introduced to the hot-blooded matriarch as her new and totally unexpected 19-year-old daughter-in-law, Lois met her match. She had such a strong personality that not everybody likes her character too much.

5. Jane Kaczmarek played Lois

Since she played the female "Head" of the family in the FOX series, Jane appeared in television shows such as The Simpsons, Raising The Bar, The Middle, Playing House and Jake and the Never Land Pirates. She also starred in movies such as The Boat Builder, Wolves at the Door, CHiPs and 6 Balloons. If you see her now you gonna feel old. Are you ready for this?

6. Christopher Masterson played Francis

Malcolm's elder brother seems to be the only one of the kids who stays involved in Hollywood, which is pretty obligatory when you're constantly paying dues to the Church of Scientology. For a while his girlfriend was Laura Prepon from the 70s show. At the moment he is also a DJ working in the USA.

7. Catherine Lloyd Burns

After starring as Malcolm's adoring teacher Caroline Miller in the first two seasons, Burns published her first book, It Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks, in 2007 and then appeared in several episodes of TBS' Search Party. She hasn't had any major roles in Hollywood since then, but she hasn't completely retired as an actress.

8. David Anthony Higgins played Craig

The pharmacy-worker Craig is one of the nicest guys ever in this series. After Malcolm in the Middle he had some small roles in American Horror Story and Californication. It's nice that he's still acting. He never quit!

9. Will Jennings played Kyle

Will Jennings is not only known from Malcolm in the middle, but also from series like Sabrina! He also starred in Nash Bridges. His last appearance was in the series Quacks in which he plays a medical student. In Malcolm he also played only 1 year from 2000 - 2001.

10. Justin Berfield played Reese

Malcolm's terrible older brother gave up acting after the series ended and made only one television appearance in 2010. Today, Berfield works as CCO of Virgin Produced, a TV-focused offshoot of Virgin Group, producing films you may have heard of like Limitless, Jobs, and the critically trashed Movie 43. Unfortunately, Virgin Produced has only broken the 30 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes once, so "chief creative officer" may not be the right job for Berfield.

11. Drew – Drew Powell

12. Chad – Cameron Monaghan

13. Polly – Julie Hagerty

14. Dewey – Erik Per Sullivan

15. Joe – Kasan Butcher

16. Cynthia – Tania Raymonde

17. Alison – Brittany Renee Finamore

18. Jessica – Hayden Panettiere

19. Abe – Gary Anthony Williams

20. Dabney – Kyle Sullivan

21. Lloyd – Evan Matthew Cohen

22. Kitty – Merrin Dungey

23. Finley – Arjay Smith

25. Eric – Eric Nenninger

26. Malcolm – Frankie Muniz

This is what the A-Team actors look like in 2021
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In 1983 came the first episode on TV

The A-Team was probably a part of your youth or at least you know the actors and actresses. But some of them you probably wouldn't recognize today. Sure - the series is already a few decades old.

Rank 10: Hannibal

The head of the group was already 55 years old when this photo was taken. But that was (even if it doesn't necessarily feel like it) a lifetime ago.

Unfortunately Hannibal passed away already in 1994. This is his last picture. Rest in peace George Peppard.

Rank 9: Templeton

Templeton aka Faceman only looked like this in the pilot series. Later he was replaced. If you still know the series, then you know that for sure.

This is the first "Face" today

Rank 8: Captain Crane

Here you see Captain Crane at the age of 34. That was 36 years ago! That's longer than you might think.

Captain Crane is already 70 years old today. Still awesome!

Rank 7: Face

This is The Face, who you know from all the other episodes besides the pilot series. He had so much charme in the series. Impossible to forget.

This is what Face looks like today. He is also already over 70 years old! He is so easy to recognize. He looks the same - simply older.

Rank 6: Col. Decker

He was always on the hunt for the A-Team, but he never really seemed to succeed. This is what he looked like back then

2012 Is Decker passed away at the age of 77. This is his last picture. Rest In Peace Decker. He was a great actor.

Rank 5: Amy Amanda Allen

The woman, who often needed the team's help, was only 28 years old at the time.

This is Amy today, you can't tell she's 64 years old!

Rank 4: Murdock

The "crazy" guy of the group as you remember him

Would you recognize Murdock today?

Rank 3: Tawnia Baker

She was still quite young at that time with her 24 years. This is how you remember her

Tawnia has held up pretty well!

Rank 2: General Bull

At that time, General Bull was already 52 years old.

That's him today at 87. Wow, that's pretty old.

Rank 1: Mr. T

He is hard to forget. His chains, his hairstyle. Everybody knows this big guy.

That's what he is today. Does he not age?