20 rare celebrity photos from their past
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Leonard Nimoy and his son on the set of Start Trek, the 1960s

Adam Nimoy (left) and his father Leonard Nimoy (as Spock, right) on the set of the iconic TV show Star Trek. Adam is the only person who can claim to be both the first Trekkie and the son of Spock, the Star Trek Enterprise’s science officer.

Elon Musk with his mother and brother, 1992

Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, raised them as a single mother. Raising one billionaire and two millionaires isn’t bad for a single mother of three children.

Young Eminem before he got famous.

Eminem celebrates his 18th birthday, 1990. Nice t-shirt mate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his son Patrick and Clint Eastwood with his daughter Francesca, 1993

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood in the most important roles in their lives, a role of father.

Selena Gomez prepares to celebrate Halloween, 2000

Selena’s the most adorable and spooky Halloween throwback. "Honestly my mom really killed it on my costumes growing up..." she said.

Courtney Cox, 1987

Beautiful as always!

Shakira, 1990

Natural beauty!

Cameron Diaz, 1988

Freddie Mercury, 1990

Ozzy Osbourne, 1975

Angelina Jolie, 1990

Justin Bieber, the 2000s

Eva Mendes, the 1990s

Chris Hemsworth with his mother, the 1980s

Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow, the 1990s

Ariana Grande in childhood

Jessica Biel, the 1990s

The crew of Pulp Fiction, 1993

Reese Witherspoon, the 1990s

Victoria Beckham, the 1970s