Scientists discover link between selfies, narcissism and mental problems
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People are addicted to selfies

In the past, you had to hire a painter if you wanted a picture of yourself. That's how times change! Today, any portrait is just a single click away.

Bad effects

Dr. Veal is a psychiatrist who treats people with body dysmorphic disorder. His patients all have one thing in common: they compulsively post selfies on all social media.

Psychologists warn:

Affected patients often have trouble recognizing their harmful behavior. A development into a narcissistic personality disorder is particularly noticeable in these people.

For some it becomes a full-time job

One of the patients was David Bowman. He spent 10 hours a day taking the perfect selfie. In the process, he took more than 200 photos a day. He was never satisfied with the results - in the end, he even wanted to take his own life.

He no longer wanted to live

His mother found him after a failed suicide attempt. After that, he went into therapy and had to do without his cell phone for longer and longer periods of time. From 30 minutes to several hours.

A new addiction

This digital narcissism is a phenomenon of our time. No image is good enough, other images are always better. People with low self-esteem are particularly susceptible to this new addiction.