After she finds the receipt of her ring, she really gives her husband a hard time.
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After she finds the receipt of her ring, she really gives her husband a hard time.

You can't always get what you want.... but I guess you can try - and if it doesn't work out, you take it out on your partner. I'm married myself and can understand wanting a nice ring, but is the price really important?

For this woman, it definitely is. When she found out what her fiancé paid for the ring she had to get rid of a few things.

Obviously, she had high hopes and desires for how her ring would look and was satisfied for the time being, but then she found the receipt.

She decided to post in a forum and explain her predicament. To do so, she listed a few things you may or may not agree with.

1. you would think that most people would be happy with the ring they get. You marry a person, not a piece of jewelry. But I guess everyone decides that differently.

2. the woman stated "there is nothing wrong with the ring per se, even if a different stone would be nicer, it's about the whole thing."

3. she didn't think the color was that great, also the size of the stone probably needed improvement. Also

4. But then she found the receipt. The real deal. She was absolutely not thrilled with that!

5. "His income is almost 6 figures and otherwise he is also very generous" - she wrote. I guess she just had different expectations.

6. after taxes, that was only ~$1,674 and that was apparently far less than she dreamed.

7.[It was] It was actually MUCH less than she expected. If she wanted an expensive ring, maybe she should have told him that. Preferably beforehand. In a relationship, you're supposed to communicate, right?

8. for many the price of the ring is a lot of money! Expectations also set everyone themselves and want something more fancy

9. i'm not sure how the male brain works, but probably he just went to the nearest jewelry store and picked out a ring that he thought was beautiful and that he thought she would think was beautiful too.

10. instead of making it public, she could have just talked about it with her partner. The choice of the ring seemed to be very important to her.

11. there are even couples who have updated or enlarged their rings at some point - for example, if they had no money at the time and now earn significantly more.

12. he'll be more disappointed in me for making such a big deal about a ring that isn't really wrong than to see that I'm not really happy with it".

13. she was also disappointed when her partner was told "if it's all about the ring, then she's not the right one".

14. she also said that she would have preferred to choose her ring herself. But then where is the surprise?

15. when she asked for help, it didn't take long for everyone to tell her what they thought. One user wrote "If you had said you didn't like the style it would have been symphytic. But it's just not big and expensive enough.... you just want to show it off"

16. that's up to everyone, but if you ask me: material things are probably a bit too important to her.

This is what has become of the Sam & Cat cast. This is what they look like today!
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Since 2013, the series Sam & Cat has been on TV and only the first season contains 35 episodes! For many of you Sam & Cat is a part of your childhood, but when you see how the actors look today you will hardly believe it. Many of them were children themselves, but today they are completely grown up and have changed incredibly!

1. PeezyB – Kel Mitchell

The rapper PeezyB had only a guest appearance in the series and has nevertheless changed a little. But wait until you see the main actresses, you'll be speechless!

2. Dilben - River Alexander

Dilben lives in the same house as Sam and Cat and is incredibly annoying. He himself constantly claims that the house belongs to his father. But he is telling the untruth! His father is like Al Bundy a shoe salesman and sells shoes to wide-footed women. Sam often gives him a hard time.

3. Romy – Ava Kolker

Kolker started acting at a very early age. Since the year 2014 you know her in the series Sam&Cat, but before that she starred in American Horror Story. You have also seen her in Scary Movie. However, she mainly plays teenagers. If you want to see her again, check out Sydney to the Max. There she plays the role of Olive and therefore the main part!

4. Kim - Isabelly Day

Isabella Day is an actress, known for Superstore (2015), Mr. Neighbor's House 2 (2018) and Cristela (2014). She is remembered by some in the series and many wonder what she is up to today. Around this actress it has become relatively quiet, if you look a little closer at her colleagues in comparison. However, she will not be forgotten for her role in this series!

5. Steve – Jerry Trainor

Terry Trainor was born in 1977 and is one of the older ones in the series. We already know him from the series iCarly. Of course he also played his part in the iCarly movies and currently he works as an actor in some TV series. But this time he is also behind the camera as a director. He has developed incredibly!

6. Ethan – Tyler Michael Brown

Tyler Michael Brown is an actor, known for The Best Man AG (2015), Love (2016) and Torn: The Willie Lynch Letter (2012). Ethan is the son of one of Sam & Cat's clients. Ethan often drives the girls crazy! Pointless questions are his biggest hobby but at least he doesn't want to cuddle with anyone all the time like Bob. He is definitely a very special character.

7. Herb – Ronnie Clark

Herb is a recurring character in Sam & Cat. He is portrayed by Ronnie Clark. He looks like a homeless man living in poor conditions, but he apparently has a lot of money and property, despite his tendency to take things that are ownerless. People seem to have an extremely wrong image of him if they don't know him closely. What could be the reason for this? Very mysterious!

8. Yonce – Andrew Carter


Yonce is a character in Sam & Cat. He is a photographer and shoots teenage hair models.

He and Dice have met several times. Once it was decided that Dice would have the cover of Teen Hair magazine.

He seems to be European because of his accent. There are many theories about this performer.

9. B.J. – Cyrus Arnold

BJ Malloy is Dice Corleone's childhood "friend" who first appeared in #TextingCompetition. He and Dice spent a lot of time together, much to Dice's chagrin. BJ often called Dice "Diceberg." BJ is an annoying but well-behaved child; he seems unaware that he is annoying. He loves to eat eggs and seems proud of it. He repeats almost everything Dice says to annoy him.

10. Del – Myko Olivier

Del DeVille is a frequent character in Sam & Cat. He is the singer of Sam and Cat's favorite band of the same name. He is friendly to the fans; he has talked to Sam, Cat and Dice. He may be indulgent because he was friends with Sam and Cat, even though they brought Clarice to one of his concerts.

11. Chloe – Emily Skinner

12. Max – Griffin Kane

13. Randy – Nick Gore

14. Ruby – Rosie McClelland

15. Gwen – Sophia Grace

16. Nona – Maree Cheatham

17. Dice – Cameron Ocasio

18. Cat – Ariana Grande

19. Sam – Jennette McCurdy

20. Die größte Überraschung

This is what happens to your body when you don't shower for just 2 days!
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Germs, Germs, Germs

There are a bunch of bacteria on your skin. Most of them are good for you, too. Some have useful functions, while other "useless" bacteria take up space that would otherwise be occupied by harmful bacteria. If you don't wash, the chances of harmful bacteria getting into your body through your eyes, nose or mouth increase - and that's how you get sick.

Skin Infections

Besides getting sick, some bacteria and fungi can cause infections. Especially if you don't wash them away regularly.


If you don't wash, dirt, sweat, dead skin and oil will accumulate on your skin. So not only do you look dirty, it's bad for you!

Dermatitis Neglecta

If you don't wash long enough, you'll end up with brown spots on your skin. Something called Dermatitis Neglecta. DISGUSTING!

The smell

Body odor occurs when bacteria dissolve the chemical compounds in sweat. The byproducts that are formed stink! If you don't wash away the sweat and some bacteria, it will get out of control.

This is how people in different states see the world
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Have you ever thought about how other people perceive reality? Depending on the condition and preconditions, it can be completely different.

1. the healthy adult

This is how a healthy adult person should see the world

2. cross-eyed people

Some people think that people who squint see images twice, as seen in some movies. But in reality, the brain ignores what one eye sees, so the image does not double. You can see what they see by simply covering one eye.

3. nearsightedness

Nearsightedness is when you see close objects relatively well and the far objects become blurry.

4. farsightedness

Here the opposite, the distance is seen well and the near is blurred.

5. legally blind

People who are blind "in principle" see at most abstract outlines, colors and light. They are called so because they cannot lead the life of a sighted person.

6. late loss of vision

This is what people see who have lost their sight and can only perceive changes in light. Light and dark - that's all there is to it. Usually these are people who were born with sight and later went blind.

7. completely blind

Who would have thought it - a complete blindness is absolute darkness. But a blind person would not describe the world as black, already because he does not know this color at all. By the way, they don't see anything in their dreams either.

8. color blindness

There are different forms, the most common is deuteranomaly, where all colors (especially red/green) lose saturation.

9. a newborn baby

This is what a newborn baby looks like. The image is completely blurred. In principle, a newborn baby can only distinguish light/dark.

10. one month after birth

After one month, it reaches for large objects about 20cm away. For example, the mother while breastfeeding.

11. 6 months after birth

After 3 months, the baby can distinguish the faces of the parents. They begin to see colors - red and yellow first and best.

12. drunk

It takes more than 1 glass of wine to be this drunk, the image shows a heavily intoxicated state.

This is what it means when you see someone with a semicolon tattoo
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This is the real meaning behind a semicolon tattoo

Especially among younger people popular tattoo motif is semicolon. Most often you can see this motif on the wrist. But there is much more behind it...

Mental Health

The tattoo is meant to create awareness. Awareness for mental health. Viewers should remember that it is possible to recover from mental illness.

A constant reminder

The semicolon tattoo stands as a constant reminder of mental illness. Many illnesses are not even talked about because of the stigma. Through this tattoo, many people get the feeling that they are not alone.

But why just a semicolon?

A semicolon separates two thoughts. But it also shows that both have a common denominator. It is a symbol of hope

Scientists discover link between selfies, narcissism and mental problems
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People are addicted to selfies

In the past, you had to hire a painter if you wanted a picture of yourself. That's how times change! Today, any portrait is just a single click away.

Bad effects

Dr. Veal is a psychiatrist who treats people with body dysmorphic disorder. His patients all have one thing in common: they compulsively post selfies on all social media.

Psychologists warn:

Affected patients often have trouble recognizing their harmful behavior. A development into a narcissistic personality disorder is particularly noticeable in these people.

For some it becomes a full-time job

One of the patients was David Bowman. He spent 10 hours a day taking the perfect selfie. In the process, he took more than 200 photos a day. He was never satisfied with the results - in the end, he even wanted to take his own life.

He no longer wanted to live

His mother found him after a failed suicide attempt. After that, he went into therapy and had to do without his cell phone for longer and longer periods of time. From 30 minutes to several hours.

A new addiction

This digital narcissism is a phenomenon of our time. No image is good enough, other images are always better. People with low self-esteem are particularly susceptible to this new addiction.