After she finds the receipt of her ring, she really gives her husband a hard time.
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After she finds the receipt of her ring, she really gives her husband a hard time.

You can't always get what you want.... but I guess you can try - and if it doesn't work out, you take it out on your partner. I'm married myself and can understand wanting a nice ring, but is the price really important?

For this woman, it definitely is. When she found out what her fiancé paid for the ring she had to get rid of a few things.

Obviously, she had high hopes and desires for how her ring would look and was satisfied for the time being, but then she found the receipt.

She decided to post in a forum and explain her predicament. To do so, she listed a few things you may or may not agree with.

1. you would think that most people would be happy with the ring they get. You marry a person, not a piece of jewelry. But I guess everyone decides that differently.

2. the woman stated "there is nothing wrong with the ring per se, even if a different stone would be nicer, it's about the whole thing."

3. she didn't think the color was that great, also the size of the stone probably needed improvement. Also

4. But then she found the receipt. The real deal. She was absolutely not thrilled with that!

5. "His income is almost 6 figures and otherwise he is also very generous" - she wrote. I guess she just had different expectations.

6. after taxes, that was only ~$1,674 and that was apparently far less than she dreamed.

7.[It was] It was actually MUCH less than she expected. If she wanted an expensive ring, maybe she should have told him that. Preferably beforehand. In a relationship, you're supposed to communicate, right?

8. for many the price of the ring is a lot of money! Expectations also set everyone themselves and want something more fancy

9. i'm not sure how the male brain works, but probably he just went to the nearest jewelry store and picked out a ring that he thought was beautiful and that he thought she would think was beautiful too.

10. instead of making it public, she could have just talked about it with her partner. The choice of the ring seemed to be very important to her.

11. there are even couples who have updated or enlarged their rings at some point - for example, if they had no money at the time and now earn significantly more.

12. he'll be more disappointed in me for making such a big deal about a ring that isn't really wrong than to see that I'm not really happy with it".

13. she was also disappointed when her partner was told "if it's all about the ring, then she's not the right one".

14. she also said that she would have preferred to choose her ring herself. But then where is the surprise?

15. when she asked for help, it didn't take long for everyone to tell her what they thought. One user wrote "If you had said you didn't like the style it would have been symphytic. But it's just not big and expensive enough.... you just want to show it off"

16. that's up to everyone, but if you ask me: material things are probably a bit too important to her.