You won't recognize these child stars anymore
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Die Kinder-Stars von Disney haben sich teilweise wirklich unglaublich verändert.

Some have become true beauties and others are apparently broken by their young fame and are now no longer recognizable. In this Top20 list you can see the greatest and the saddest developments. The first three places will leave you speechless.

Rank 20

Do you still know Chloe? This is her today

Rank 19

Little Andy from Family Ties - This is him today

Rank 18

Maddie as a young Disney star - This is her today

Rank 17

Amanda Bynes is surely known to most - This is her today

Rank 16

Disney fans surely still know Paige - This is her today

Rank 15

You know Kevin from "Home Alone", right? - This is what he looks like today. An amazing change

Rank 14

Disney fans surely still know Rico - would you still recognize him?

Rank 13

Maya has also developed extremely in the last years. She has become a beautiful woman!

Rank 12

Lindsay Lohan used to be extremely successful. But she also had extremely difficult times. This has left traces

Rank 11

Bailey was a pretty kid back then and today as a grown woman she is still wonderful.

Rank 10

Little Jodie had a hard time after "Full House" - This is her today

Rank 9

Little Chyna has also changed a lot. The little girl doesn't exist anymore, she has become a successful lady.

Rank 8

This is how Angus from Disney Channel used to look like - This is him today

Rank 7

Do you remember the kid from Sixth Sense? You recognize him immediately. But he has changed a lot as you can see.

Rank 6

Home Alone - Fans will know this face. The bad boy is visually not who he used to be.

Rank 5

He was the little Anakin Skywalker. After some time in prison, he doesn't look as cute as he used to.

Rank 4

With Chad there is another development. He has become a very attractive heartthrob.

Rank 3

Jake Harper didn't have such a good development either. However, he had some problems in the course of the series and I now quite religious.

Rank 2

Screech didn't develop very well either. This is him today - he is said to have stabbed someone

Rank 1

Aaron Carter also looks absolutely nothing like he used to. That image is destroying my youth! Who would still recognize him?