Steve Urkel and your other childhood stars are all grown up and you won't recognize them!
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They are all grown up!

All the stars of your childhood are grown up now. Whether it's the little boy from "The Sixth Sense" or Steve Urkel. Some of these stars have taken a completely new path and are no longer recognizable. Especially Steve and Corey left me speechless.

Janathan Lipnicki

You surely know him from the movie "Jerry Maquitre" - meanwhile he is a well trained martial artist. He is also an actor and very well known in the Hollywood scene. From a kid to a muscleman within a decade. Would you still recognize him?

Kaum noch zu erkennen!

Maureen McCormick

She is already 61 years old by now. On "Brady Bunch" she was the oldest girl. In Germany, maybe not everyone knows this series, but it's an incredible change. Very impressive!

Peter Billingsley

Known as Ralphie Parker, he plays the lead role in "A Christmas Story". He now prefers to stand behind the camera and is a director and producer. He also starred in "Elf." He has really made a career for himself.

Lindsay Lohan

You probably already know her from some roles she filled as a child. But after that time she was arrested several times and had some problems. In the meantime she is an adult woman with sometimes more and sometimes less problems.

Amanda Bynes

Lindsay is not the only woman who had some problems in her life. Amandy has also had hard times. She has hung up her career several times, but she always comes back. What do you think of her so far?

Macaulay Culkin

Yes, he's still alive. Home Alone is a classic that I could watch every year. He had a difficult drug time and apparently finally got out of that hole. He's proving it to everyone with recent videos. He is unrecognizable!

Mara Wilson

You know the little girl from Mrs. Doubtfire and many other movies. But in the meantime she has given up acting and discovered her love for writing. She now prefers writing books to being in front of the camera.

Drew Barymore

She was one of the most famous actresses for several decades. We have known her since 1982 from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and like many of her colleagues, she has had a difficult time with drugs and alcohol. A pattern is beginning to emerge here.

Haley Osment

The Sixth Sense was the movie that made him famous. I'm sure you remember his quote "I see dead people" - that's how this movie is always advertised. So it's exactly with that scene. He also had an active supporting role in Chuck Norris as Texas Ranger for several years. Would you have thought that?

Anna Chlumsky

While her role as Vada (In the movie My Girl 1 and 2) was by far her most memorable role in her youth, Chlumsky later appeared in many television movies and series between 1994 and 2012, including Early Edition, 30 Rock, Law & Order (twice), Covert Affairs and White Collar. She also appeared in productions on and off Broadway until 2015.

Tia und Tamera Mowry

Do you remember her from "Sister, Sister"? It's been a few years since the series first aired on TV. They both turned out really great.

Christina Ricci

The little girl from back then is now a middle-aged adult woman. Do you feel old now?

Edward Furlong

Furlong kept making appearances in the 2010s, and in 2019 he even reprised the role of John Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate. Nowadays it seems that the actor is no longer looking for trouble with the law.

Soleil Moon Frye

She now runs an online business and has largely retired from acting.

Hallie Eisenberg

She used to be known only as the "Pepsi Girl," but she's now a grown woman, too. Would you still recognize her today?

Jonathan Lipnicki

I know, we already had it. But there are a few more years between the pictures. It's getting harder and harder to recognize him anymore.

Corey Feldman

In 2020, he claimed in a documentary that Charly Sheen did terrible things to him during a shooting. At that time he was still a child - how true this allegation is, is as yet unclear

Kel Mitchell

Known more as an actor back then, he is now primarily a stand-up comedian. He has also changed significantly

Jaleel White

Let's finally get to Steve Urkel. Who would have thought that the nerd from back then would become such an attractive man?

The real difference between Coke-Light and Coke-Zero
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Have you ever asked yourself what the differences are between the different types of cola? First of all, we have to take a look at the sugar-containing variants.

A regular coke:

54g of sugar in this tiny bottle

In this small bottle there are already 54g of sugar. You think that's not much? Just look at the pile of sugar cubes.

Do you like Cherry Coke?

This variety has the highest sugar content

This version contains even more sugar. This is the version with the highest sugar content. You should not drink too much of it.

A pretty rare version Version

You don't see these bottles often

This bottle you do not see so often: the green version of coke, in it are "only" 36g of sugar per bottle. So in this small bottle, of course! In this country, however, you see this variant rather rarely.

Coke Light:

Considered by many to be the healthier option

Okay, let's first compare the sugar content. This bottle of cola contains 0g of sugar. You probably expected that.

Coke Zero:

Also in this version there is no sugar

This low-calorie version also contains 0g of sugar, and now you're probably wondering what the difference is between these two varieties. Let's take a look at the details.

The real difference

Do they taste the same?

You and I could argue about whether Diet Coke and Coke Zero taste the same. At first glance (or sip?), you can't really tell the two extremely popular drinks apart. In a blind tasting, most testers fail and taste no difference.

The Statement

But according to Coca-Cola, there really is a difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero. There is a statement on their website about this, but it doesn't tell you everything you need to know. At least not for everyone!

Wenn es einer wissen muss, dann der Hersteller selbst

The Official Truth

In a statement on its website, the brand pits the two fizzy drinks against each other, saying, "Both beverages are sugar-free and calorie-free. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar looks and tastes more like Coca-Cola Classic, while Coke-Light has a different blend of flavors that gives it a lighter taste."

Can you taste the difference?

But the taste is not the only difference...

The "small" difference

The key difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero is a single chemical. Despite the same nutritional values, there is no other difference. Now the big question is, of course, what is the difference between the two types? So far, the differences seem to be smaller than expected.

Let's compare

Let's look at the ingredients list: Coke light

Carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, citric acid, caffeine.

The ingredient list of a can of Diet Coke

Now we're looking at: Coke Zero sugar

Carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, potassium citrate, acesulfame potassium, caffeine.
The ingredients list of a can of Coke-Zero

Did you see it?

Diet Coke is missing two ingredients that the other two sugar-free options have: Potassium Citrate and Acesulfame Potassium. Acesulfame potassium is a zero-calorie sugar substitute and potassium citrate is a common additive in beverages.

Do these ingredients differ nutritionally? Not in the slightest.

Not the only difference

Although both drinks contain caffeine, the amount varies:

Regular coke 9.7 mg/100ml

Diet Coke 12.8 mg/100ml

Cola Zero 9.6mg/100ml

As you can see, the amount of caffeine in Coke Zero is almost identical to that of Regular, while the levels in Diet Coke are higher. The fact that both Coke Zero and Regular Coke contain almost the same amount of caffeine must be the reason for the almost indistinguishable taste.

The Tiniest House in the World - This house MUST be seen from the inside.
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The smallest house in the world?

Well, it may not be the smallest house in the world with a whole 55m², but on its plot of only 29m² it is already one of the smallest houses in the world. But you'll be amazed at what you can do with this space. In Tokyo, the lack of space is the reason for such things.

The tiny plot

Since the plot is only 29m² and has a triangular shape, the family had to make the best of the situation. After all, the price of the plot was quite low, because no one thought that such a great house could be built there.

Exactly in the middle

On one side borders the shore, and on the other - the street. Exactly between them had to create the living space for a whole family. Even at the front there is still a huge window - every square meter was used optimally.

The family

Good that the whole family has something to do with this business. From the interior decorator to the builder to the architect, everything is represented in their own family. Probably that's why this house was not really a big problem exactly for this family.

The living area

The unique view of the river gives the family a lot of pleasure. However, through the huge windows you can see inside. So you could feel quite quickly observed in this house.

The river is a risk

As you can probably already imagine, a house on the river is associated with risks. So here, too, is an increased risk of flooding. Of course, this must be avoided, which is why the house was made flood-proof.

The entrance area

When you go in, that's what you see. So you obviously have the sleeping area on the first floor. The space was used optimally, under the stairs you can wash your clothes. A staircase leads upstairs to the upper floor.

The bedroom

You really don't have to do without anything in this house. A wonderful bedroom in the middle of Tokyo. The quality of the used raw materials also seems to be great.

The view from your bed

You even have the option to completely separate this room from the rest. If you look closely, you can see the curtain and the possibility to close it completely. This also ensures privacy.

Privacy looks like this!

This way, the rest of the family can use the rest of the first floor undisturbed, without disturbing the sleeping parents. Besides, you do need some time off and a place to retreat. Here the curtain is closed.

The bathroom

For such a tiny house, the bathroom is surprisingly large. The light shades make everything look more spacious. You can even take a shower and a bath!

The storeroom

The narrowest part of the house is used for storage on the upper floor. The possibilities are, of course, significantly limited with these dimensions. But the best was made of it.

The upper floor

The meeting place of the family. This is where most of the time is spent, so there is plenty of seating and the kitchen can also be found here. Even a workplace can be found here.

Small but nice

The ceiling heights are relatively low because the building had to be raised. This is because there is another loft area above this floor. The view is also impressive.

The kitchen

The kitchen is significantly larger than some kitchens in larger apartments or houses. The dining area is also located here and invites you to eat comfortably.

The loft

Above the second floor you can see the small but nice loft. With almost 10m² you have a beautiful view of the dining area.

The nursery

Even the offspring has its own space. The kids obviously can't complain here and there is room for everything that is needed.

It's warm upstairs!

Warm air rises to the top, so it is relatively warm upstairs in summer. But you also have the best view in the whole building from here.

The house at night

Doesn't this look cozy? Despite the size, you have created a great living space. No one expected to be able to create something so great on the small area.

Would you like to live here too?

What do you think? Would this house be enough for a whole family?